Different Types of Hedge Trimmers


If you own a garden, then sooner or later you’ll need to trim your hedges or bushes. So, if you do not have a hedge trimmer just yet, it may be time to get one.

There are various Hedge trimmer types out there. This means that choosing a particular kind may not be that easy.

However, with the help of this guide, you will be able to tell the difference between the three basic hedge trimmer types and make a choice easily.

1. Electric Hedge Trimmers

cordless lawn mower

Electric hedge trimmers are known for being lightweight and not so expensive. The weight of this kind of trimmer is between 5 and 10 pounds.

It is needless to say that with this weight, one can hold the machine for a long time without straining one’s arms too much.

However, these machines are not strong enough to handle large areas. Plus, they come with a wire for connecting to a light source. As such, their reach is limited to how long the chord is.

Apart from this, the cord can get caught up in a hedge or something else and wind up obstructing the cutting process. Still, you can use the electric hedger without any accident if you apply a lot of care.

2. Cordless Trimmers

Bosch Cordless Telescopic Hedge Trimmer

A cordless hedge trimmer is also a variant of electric trimmers. However, this trimmer comes with a rechargeable battery instead of a cord.

The machine is not as powerful as the corded versions, and one would have to recharge it now and then before use. Plus, they are not the best option for cutting thick branches

This trimmer type is very convenient to use as because they are powerful. No obstruction from an electric cord, no release of harmful substance and they don’t make too much noise. if you have tall hedges you can utilize cordless extendable hedge trimmers (read more on GreenMachinery) that are good for long reach trimming.

3. Petrol Powered Hedge Trimmers

Gas Powered Hedge Trimmers

A Gas-powered trimmer is more rugged than the electric and cordless hedge trimmers. They have engines that function with gasoline. Because of their robust nature, gas-powered trimmers easily cut through thick bushes and hedges with large stems and branches.

On the downside, you need to fill their tanks up with gasoline. This can be expensive. Plus, if you need to repair it, the cost can be huge. They also make a lot of noise and release harmful fumes into the atmosphere.

Hedge Trimmer Blade Types

Hedge trimmers are indeed of three basic types. However, there are often differences in the blade structure and type of the hedge trimmer no matter the type.

You will find a single-action blade in some hedge trimmers and discovered that another has a double-action blade. Like you must have guessed, single-action blades use just one blade while the double-action blades use two.

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The blade of a single-action blade is continuously moving along the cutting bar. Dual blades are the more common option. With their two blades, they cut hedge at the same time using a back and forth motion.

These blades move in opposite directions to get this cutting done. As such, one can move the hedge trimmer in whatever direction one wishes and still be able to cut hedges successfully and effectively.

Now that you’re well informed about the three basic hedge trimmer types, why don’t you start your search right away? You may find one quicker than you think.

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