Hugo Walkers – Mobility For All

Hugo Walkers

The Hugo walker fits the needs of people who have lost a limb or part of a limb, have had a stroke, are coping with dizziness, poor vision, have heart problems, a nerve disorder, or just looking to maintain a more ambulatory and independent lifestyle.

Being ambulatory is critical for both young and old. In the elderly, inactivity can lead to loss of bone density, loss of muscle strength, loss of muscle flexibility, increased risk of cardiovascular problems, excess weight gain, and lethargy. A Hugo walker can help a person solve most of these problems. The walker improves ambulatory freedom and mobility making it easier to remain active and healthy.

You have all seen walkers with pierced tennis balls placed on the legs in an attempt to stabilize the unit and make it easier to stop plus there is less wear and tear on the home carpet. Rather than lifting a Hugo walker up to move (drag and drop), you just push the Hugo walker.

It is similar to the way a grocery cart helps you move along the aisles with direction and stability, the Hugo walker rolls along on four oversize wheels. These large wheels make it easier to go indoors or outdoors — the Hugo walker is much safer than a drag and drops walker. And the hand brakes are an added safety feature.

The Hugo walker is easy to repair — the parts can be obtained from the Internet or local distributors. The Hugo walker features an adjustable height walking frame, hand brakes (lockable), and a built-in padded flip-up seat.

There are storage basket kits that can be purchased and added. Plus, the Hugo walker is lightweight and can be folded up for storage in a car trunk or placed in the overhead storage space of a commercial airliner.

The locking hand brakes work well when the operator needs a break and need to rest upon the padded seat. The locking brakes are a special safety feature to be used generally while seated and stopped. They are positive brakes and work well when on an incline.

A Hugo walker is ideal for those who want to ‘get up and go’ using their own legs and only need a little assistance with their balance or endurance. It is also well suited to those rehabilitating from an injury, are dealing with severe arthritis, or those who have conditions that have harmed their balance systems such as stroke, Parkinson’s, infectious inner ear problems, or diseases like multiple sclerosis.

Hugo walker with seat help keeps the world walking. A Hugo walker is one of the best values you can find in a high quality, rolling, and very safe walker, to meet the needs of all mobility challenged people.