How Often Should You Mow Your Lawn?

The lawn grasses can be healthy and green only if you mow them the right way. Beware that the “right” way might not be as enjoyable as you think.

Now the question is how often should you cut your grass or mow your lawn?

According to Dummies:  You should Mow when the grass of your lawn reaches about 1/3rd  higher than your desired mowing height.

Let’s discuss in details below.

First of all, you should understand that mowing is required when the grasses are growing. Whether it’s the growth session or you are using fertilizers.

If the lawn grasses are growing quickly, you need to mow them more often. The second piece of advice for a healthy lawn is to cut only one-third of the grasses.

Often Should The Lawn Grasses Be Cut

What Is The Best Time To Mow?

The growth season varies according to the grasses. Warm-season grasses grow in summer, but the winter grasses gain their length in spring and fall.

Use a lawnmower only when the grasses are not dry and leave them on the lawn if you want to use them as fertilizer.

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These greens can return more than 25 percent of nutrients to the soil, which also contains nitrogen and potassium.

What Should Be The Mowing Frequency?

This depends upon the season, growth rate and the required grass height. Using a lawnmower once every week in the growing season should be sufficient.

In the rest of the months, you can use it every week. You can change the frequency depending upon the grass growth.

Mowing Frequency

Are You Aware Of The 1/3rd Rule?

According to lawn experts, 3 inches of height is appropriate for most of the grasses.

However, it might not be practical for all the regions. Keep in mind that you never have to remove 1/3rd of the lawn grasses.

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If you remove more than this length, then the grasses will be at loss. By cutting the grasses more than 1/3rd of their length is nothing less than stealing their food-producing parts.

What is the standard lawn height?

The ideal height for healthy grasses is 3 to 3 ½ inches. Do not cut the grasses too short otherwise they will not able to consume nutrients and water because of weak roots.

If you repeatedly mow them below the average height or more than 1/3rd of their length, then you might notice that the grasses are turning brown, until and unless you flood them with fertilizers.

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